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Young boy playing fetch with his dog

What Should The Document Say?

Everyone deserves to be happy and psychologically healthy, and animals have proven to be a natural, effective and safe remedy for numerous emotional and mental disorders including depression, anxiety, mood disorder, phobias, PTSD, and more.  However, certain housing, travel, and public place restrictions may prevent you from living life to the fullest with your little  Read More…

pretty girl in Halloween Costume

Halloween Should Be A Fun Time For All – Including Your Pet!

Halloween over the years has transitioned from a day of the dead to a festival of parties, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes. Halloween may be fun for children and adults, but can be harmful and a rather un-enjoyable affair for your ESA. The candies, trick o treating costumes, lights may be a little overwhelming for your ESA.  Read More…

dog and cat in the basket

Make Sure Your ESA Certification Is Real

With high profile stories coming out every other week, more and more people are getting interested in the use of emotional support animals as a form of therapy. Emotional Support Animals are domesticated animals trained to help people in distress because they offer a constant, comforting presence in times of an  incapacitating emotional/mental disability such  Read More…

Dog sitting on grass

Tax Deductions for ESA? Let’s Find Out.

An Emotional support animal (ESA) is any domesticated animal that offers support and comfort to their owner or handler who is going through emotional ups and downs due to various mental/emotional disabilities. Unlike service animals, they are not mandated to carry out specific tasks for a disabled person and thus do not require any special training. These  Read More…

Woman sitting near window and looking outside

Should I Register My Emotional Support Animal?

If you’re someone who is suffering from a psychological or emotional disability, adopting an emotional support animal is an excellent way to reduce stress. While the ESAs that certified mental health professionals prescribe are known to offer therapeutic benefits, they don’t fall under the same category as service animals. Simply put, ESAs are adopted to  Read More…