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Pet Therapy – How It Works & How It Can Help YOU!

Medicine is going to the dogs, but in a good way. Pet therapy is popularizing in health care and beyond due to the myriad of benefits it has to offer. It is a blanket term that involves animal-assisted therapy and other similar activities. Animal-assisted therapy is a rapidly growing field that involves dogs or other  Read More…

ESA on School Property

Common Question: ESA on School Property

An emotional support dog is a companion dog that a licensed doctor or mental health expert has prescribed to an individual experiencing an emotional or mental disability with the belief that the animal brings them therapeutic benefits.  This may include alleviating at least one symptoms of the disability. According to the National Institute of National  Read More…

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Common Question: How Will An Emotional Support Animal Help Me?

An emotional support animal serves to lessen or mitigate the psychological or emotional symptoms associated with the handler’s disorders or conditions. Animals are a lot smarter than you think and can provide their owners emotional support when they are depressed or feeling low. They also act as a constant companion and friend.  Here are a few ways  Read More…

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What Happens If Your Landlord Denies Your ESA?

When searching for rented accommodations, it’s not unusual to find that most housing providers and landlords have ‘no pets’ policy. To be fair, you can’t really blame them as pets can pose potential damage to the property and make a lot of noise, which might disturb young children or the elderly. While most renters are forced  Read More…

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ESA’s on College Campuses – Is That A Thing?

Also referred to as comfort animals, emotional support animals are pets that offer comfort and support to those individuals experiencing emotional and mental disabilities by being their constant companions and giving them unconditional love.  Emotional support animals are not the same as service animals, and are therefore not required to carry out certain tasks for  Read More…