Helpful Insights On Emotional Support Animals

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dog sleeping on the road

How To Keep Your Elderly Pet Happy & Comfortable

If you own an elderly dog, you probably remember it being an energetic little pup when you first adopted it. As time passes, dogs age rather faster than humans, and soon enough you will have to deal with a senior dog. However, there is nothing to worry about. Dogs are considered man’s best friend, they  Read More…

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Moving Should Be Exciting For Both You & Your Pet

Emotional support animals are the latest form of treatment for people suffering from anxiety or other mental disorders. This treatment is indeed very effective and has gained momentum over the past decade. These animals are specially trained to support people when they go through bouts of depression or anxiety. Moreover, your personal pets can also  Read More…

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Dogs Can Enjoy City Life, Too!

Emotional support animals are prescribed to people with mental disabilities like depression, anxiety, stress disorders, etc. These people are extremely dependent on their emotional support animals, and life can be difficult for them on their own.   Emotional support animals are trained to cater to the needs of the people who need their help. Their  Read More…

puppy running with Tennis Ball

Like Humans, Dog’s Can Easily Overeat and Gain Weight

Emotional support animals provide services to the mentally disabled. People suffering from anxiety depression and suicidal tendencies require assistance in performing daily activities. Emotional support animals are prescribed by doctors to treat mental disorders. Emotional support animals are a fairly newer and more effective way of treatment.  These animals are friendly, calm and loving. They  Read More…

Cats and Dogs sitting together

Top Benefits of Getting An ESA

An emotional support animal is a furry, four-legged companion pet that offers several benefits to a person suffering from mental disabilities. An ESA is prescribed to people by certified psychologists or physiatrists. However, to adopt an ESA, individuals must fall under the federal definition of disability. Unlike service animals, these animals do not receive specialized training  Read More…

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