Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Dog Subscription Boxes

​Every dog owner wants to make their little furry companion happy. Regardless of the size and age of the dog, every dog likes having toys and treats, but they mostly appreciate the attention their owner gives them and the opportunity to play with new things.

With a dog subscription box, you will no longer need to bend over backward to surprise your canine, as there will a box on your doorstep every month with amazing goodies that will be fun for both yourself and your dog.

There are different options on the market, and while it is more than likely that your dog will love each and every one of them, it is up to you to pick out a box themed in different ways. After all, it is probably good that your dog cannot use a credit card, as the number of treats they would order would flood your house.

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What is a Subscription Box?

A doggy subscription box is an idea taken from other industries and adapted for our four-legged friends. Subscription boxes started as lunches for people who don’t have the time to browse around different shops to do their grocery shopping. With a dog subscription box, you have the same thing for people who want to have something new and interesting for their canine each month without needing to go online or to the mall to search for different things.

Different companies put different toys, treats, and ever doggy apparel into the box and send them to you each month. The prices vary between various services, but they are generally very reasonable. Additionally, there are companies that offer different subscription sizes and different themes. From Star Wars to Sponge Bob to specially designed chew toys made right here in the USA by designers who love dogs.

What to Look For?

It is not actually possible to miss out with a doggy subscription box, as all options are very good in their own way. The only thing to focus on is that the quality of the products that come inside the box is consistently good and that the design is something you would like. Sometimes you might receive something useful for training your canine friends, but it will usually be something to play with them designed with a specific theme or made for a particular purpose that might change each month.

The idea of a subscription box is that you are never really sure what will be inside and that it is something different every time, so it is possible for you to receive some things that are not entirely up your alley each time. If you have major objections, such as allergies, or the dogs have such an issue, you should inform the service about that, just in case.

Top Companies That Offer Subscription Boxes For Dogs:

Listed here are the best pet subscription services on the market. As it usually is with service like this, there is no such thing as the absolute best, but rather companies that provide a consistently high-quality service, leaving it up to you to decide which one you prefer.


Loot Pets Review

LootPets can be called a spinoff of LootCrate, and it keeps with the general theme of the company by bringing all of our favorite fandoms all the way to our pets. Each month you will receive a nice little package that will contain treats, toys, and apparel, plus a bonus gift, that will shower your dog with paraphernalia from DC and Marvel, Star Wars and Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter… not at the same time thankfully.

Once your dog has played enough, you can enjoy the source material together and spend even more quality time.

You can read more about Loot Pet here.


Pet Treater Review

Pet Treater goes in a different way and brings cutesy and fun toys as well as high-quality treats for your dog, regardless of their size. Additionally, you will receive accessories like tote bags and similar tools that will help you carry all of the things you acquire. The offer is mostly based on treats, but unlike most boxes that have only finished doggy cookies, Pet Treater focuses on you making home-made treats for the dog from natural, organic ingredients that will soothe the dog’s belly, preparing it for future rubbing.

You can learn more about ​Pet Treater here.


RescueBox Review

Rescue Box not only provides you with the means to spoil your pet with durable toys and high-quality treats made in US or Canada, but also donates a part of the proceeds from each monthly subscription to non-profits that help stray dogs get vaccinated, treated, and fed all around the country. While the squeaky and chewy toys might be considered ‘’regular’’ from the perspective of themed subscription boxes, the treats are really high-end, sometimes including what can only be described as canine delicacies.

You can learn more about RescueBox here.


Bullymake Box Review

Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!

War dogs of yore have nothing on our furry pets demolishing their chew toys with extreme prejudice. For some dogs, even a solid quality toy will last only a week before it is turned to flakes of rubber, fiber, and plastic.

Bullymake Box is just the subscription service that deals with this, offering extremely durable toys that will give even the strongest Rottweiler the run for his treats. From rope toys to dense rubber balls, these products were made to last as long as possible as to give the dog as much enjoyment from the toy as they can. In addition to the toys, you will also receive several treats that are usually very high in protein and which your dog will adore.

You can learn more about Bullymake Box here.


PawPack Review

PawPack puts the emphasis on the natural ingredients and materials that they place in their boxes. All of the products are made by reputable companies, tested by PawPack that are meant to be safe and beneficial for your puppy as much as they are fun to play with. The chew toys are generally durable, and even larger breeds like German Shepherds will need a lot of time to bite through them.

You can learn more about PawPack here.


Finally, a subscription box is a good invention and a useful service for everyone who doesn't have the time and energy to spend browsing the internet or strolling through malls to buy new toys for your canine companion, but still, want to pamper them with gifts and tasty treats. Thankfully, there are multiple options to choose from depending on your personal style and the preferences of the dog.

Take care that, while most toys will be designed and sized as not to be choking hazards for larger breeds, there might be some products that can be swallowed by large dogs. As you are inspecting the box, you should determine if the toy you have received is posing any threats to your dog. If everything is safe, the only thing left is to spoil your dog with treats and to make it work off those calories by fetching a chew toy.