Is Your Dog Begging For a PawPack Subscription?

PawPack Subscription Box Review

​PawPack subscription is one of the oldest subscription services focused on pets, established back in 2012, which means that a lot of kinks were ironed out to give a very streamlined service. All of the products inside the box are obviously of high quality and would cost considerably more if bought individually.

From the look of the items, which include toys, chews, and treats, you can see that the service is focused on bringing joy to your furry friends, but also to help the environments, as the packaging is very light and completely recyclable. The treats come with various ingredients, from those that are mostly protein, to those rich in carbohydrates. This means that you will always receive something that your dog will love regardless of the breed, size, or age of the dog.

Overall, this is a good choice for most dog owners due to the versatility, and it is an especially good choice for people who have multiple dogs, or old dog and a pup as well.

What is a PawPack Subscription Box?

PawPack Subscription Box

A subscription box is by no means a new idea, as it is an evolution from TV dinner and meal delivery. For a couple of decades, companies have been offering grocery deliveries each month that include good quality products at a reasonable price. This is a major help for people who lack time to browse every so often and look for good deals and outsources the job of finding deals to the subscription box company.

Everything changed when services started offering beauty products, grooming accessories, and even fandom paraphernalia to customers. With a monthly subscription box, you feel more like you are receiving a present every time, as you don’t really know what is inside and you can have the thrill of unboxing the goodies and finding out what is inside.

With pet subscription boxes your dog has a major advantage over you, as they will probably be able to smell the treats that are inside, even with the hard vacuuming and plastic. This, by all means, doesn't insinuate that they will not be thrilled to receive the box, probably even more than you will, but they will know that treats are inside from the moment the delivery person approaches your door.

How is PawPack Different?

PawPack Logo

Paw Pack is very quick to emphasize that they only use high-quality items in their boxes, as they work only with small boutique manufacturers based right here in the US. From the package itself to each product placed inside you can see the focus on sustainability and the environment.

Additionally, PawPack does offer you a possibility to exchange something that is not suitable for your dog. If you receive a toy that they would be dangerous for them to chew on as they would ingest something, or is maybe to small and thus a choking hazard, you can exchange an unused product for another.

What is Inside?

Black Dog with PawPack
Two Dog with PawPack
Small White Dog with PawPack
Small Brown Dog with PawPack

Each box you receive will be filled with goodies that are meant to entertain puppies of all ages for a whole month. Every crate will contain around half a dozen items, and will always include at least one toy, at least one chew, and at least one treats bag. The contents change monthly, and you may get more of one or the other every time, but you will never receive a box without any toys or without any treats.

Once you open the box, you will find a card that will explain which products are in the box, as well as who made them and where. When talking about treats, the card will tell you about the ingredients. This way, if your dog really likes some of these products, you will be able to order those directly online.

A very often sight in PawPack boxes are also food bowls and bully sticks, which are sometimes very hard to find in pet stores but are quite needed in the home. Bowls packed by PawPack are not plastic but are made from high-quality renewable materials such as bamboo, which makes them much more durable and also environmentally friendly.

Bully sticks are something not often seen in pet stores, but most other premium pet subscription services also include them in their crates. They are a very long-lasting chew treat that will help the digestion of your dog, entertain it for a while, and also help the dog use their teeth. As the box prides itself on variability, it is hard to say what the customer will get each month exactly, but we can be sure that it will be of high quality and enjoyable for the dog.

How to Order?

How to Order PawPack

Complete Your Pet Profile

How to Order PawPack

Pick Your Plan

How to Order PawPack

Enjoy Your PawPack

As with similar services, ordering is exclusively online over the PawPack website. There you can purchase your monthly subscription by just entering your billing information and address and selecting for how long you want your dog subscription to last.

As per usual, the longer you commit to receiving dog toys and healthy treats to your home address the less the price will be for each individual box. Cost of a package for one month is $29,99 which is slightly more than the market average, but it drops to $24,99 for a twelve-month subscription, which is somewhat less.

Once on the website, you will have the option to enter any coupon codes you might have or to leave a note if your dog has any dietary requirements or similar issues that should be considered while packing the dog box.


PawPack offers free shipping to everyone who is located in the continental United States, but this might include Hawaii and Alaska as well. If you live in territories off the mainland such as Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, or Puerto Rico, you should inquire with the company before you order.

As treats are made in the US and are rather perishable, you will not be able to get PawPack if you live abroad.

The Bottom Line

As one of the oldest monthly box subscription services on the market, PawPack doesn't have many kinks in their system, as they send high-quality items that are made with sustainability and the preservation of the environment in mind. All of the dog toys treats, and small boutique manufacturers create chews right here in the USA.

If you don't want to take your chances with newcomers and want to be sure that you will receive top-notch service, you should go with PawPack. Their prices might be just on the industry standard, but that is because the mostly dictate the industry standard.