A Full Review of The Pet Treater Subscription Box

Pet Treater Subscription Box Review

Pet Treater is a subscription-based service for dogs and cats, which is sent to the dog owners and cat owners each month, and which includes treats, toys, grooming products, and clothes, all gauged towards the needs of your furry friends. This company has rose to the top of the market when it comes to pet subscription boxes as it is formed by people who obviously love dogs and strive to create the best possible offer each month, providing you with a much greater value inside the box than what you would get if you were to order the items separately.

There are more than half a dozen items each month, and all of the pieces are made with high-quality, non-toxic materials that are perfectly safe for the dog. The durability of the chew toys is solid, and while they will not survive for too long, it is probable that your dog will use them until they receive the next one in a month. Unlike many other dog subscription services, the price of the box doesn't change if you want to order just one month to test the product or you dedicate yourself for a year.

You will be able to stop the service any time, without any penalty. Additionally, the price of the box doesn't vary with the size of the dog, even though you will get stronger and larger toys if you select that it is for a larger dog.

Finally, Pet Treater often makes a point of helping people make their own treats and doggy sweets, which is a welcome addition as we are able to make them at home when we need them and serve them to our canine companions fresh.

What Is A Dog Subscription Box?

A subscription box is by no means a new idea, as it is an evolution from TV dinner and meal delivery. For a couple of decades, companies have been offering grocery deliveries each month that include good quality products at a reasonable price. This is a major help for people who lack time to browse every so often and look for good deals and outsources the job of finding deals to the subscription box company.

Everything changed when services started offering beauty products, grooming accessories, and even fandom paraphernalia to customers. With a monthly subscription box, you feel more like you are receiving a present every time, as you don’t really know what is inside and you can have the thrill of unboxing the goodies and finding out what is inside.

With pet subscription boxes your dog has a major advantage over you, as they will probably be able to smell the treats that are inside, even with the hard vacuuming and plastic. This, by all means, doesn't insinuate that they will not be thrilled to receive the box, probably even more than you will, but they will know that treats are inside from the moment the delivery person approaches your door.

How is Pet Treater Different?

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Unlike most pet subscription services that make a single box each month that is usually gauged more towards larger dogs, Pet Treater lets you select if you want a box of doggy goodies or cat gifts. Additionally, you can choose the size of your dog as to be sure that there is no possibility for choking or swallowing the toys, or that the toys will not be too large for your dog to play with.

Pet Treater puts a large emphasis on making dog treats that are organic, made with natural ingredients, and even showing you how you can make your own doggy treats that can be served fresh to the canine. In most boxes, you will get ingredients which you can use to make a batch of nice treats very quickly. All of the edibles are made to be hypo-allergenic and perfectly safe for all kinds and breeds of dogs.

Additionally, Pet Treater will add grooming products inside which will usually be something that is outside of the scope of basic grooming and more focused towards keeping your dog’s fur shiny or some similar aspect of grooming that you might not consider that often.

Whats Inside The Pet Treater Box?

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Every box that comes from Pet Treater will be different, and it will contain between seven and nine items. Each package will include a wide variety of toys, treats, and grooming products that will make your dog happy. The size and type of the toys and edibles will vary depending on the size you have selected when ordering. All items in the box are made in the US or Canada and are made from tested materials and ingredients.

How Do I Order?

Select your plan.

Tell us about your pet.

Kick back and relax.

Ordering a Pet Treater box is very easy, all you need to do is to go on their website and select the type of pet you want to pamper, either a dog or a cat, and the size of the animal. Fill out your information and just wait for the first package to arrive. Shipping is free, but Pet Treater is only able to ship to the US mainland, as the contents are highly perishable. You can cancel your order any time, but if the package has already been sent, you will be billed for it, canceling the subscription after that one.

In the very bottom of the ordering page, you will have a comment section, which you should use if your dog has any allergies, dietary requirements, or special needs. Most items in the box are made with many of these aspects in mind and should be good for almost all dogs, but leaving a comment ensures that your dog will only receive items that are safe and adequate for them. The price of a single box is $24,99 regardless of the size of the dog, which is on the cheaper side of dog subscription boxes of this quality.

Does Pet Treater Ship Overseas?

Pet Treater boxes cannot be shipped to other countries, as well as to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Guam. As the contents of the box are perishable, Pet Treater cannot be sure that the holdup on borders or during shipping will not damage or spoil the contents, so it doesn’t want to risk it.

The Bottom Line

If you have a furry pet and you want to surprise it with different gifts of toys and treats each month, Pet Treater is a good option to do that without spending a lot of time browsing the internet to find all of the products.

This subscription box is relatively cheap, and it is a good option for dog owners who have never used a subscription box service before. The toys are of good quality, and the treats are made with excellent ingredients, which ensures the health and wellbeing of your canine companion, or your feline friend.