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family with their dog at the park

Find Out If Your Pet Is A Legal ESA

If a person is emotionally impaired and is therapeutically dependent on his or her pet for emotional support, the individual is entitled to enlist the animal as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). The 1988 Fair Housing Amendments Act requires the property manager/landlord to adjust their housing policies when dealing with a tenant who has an  Read More…

Fluffy Dog Playing With His Human

How These Special Pets Provide Emotional Support

Animals have been providing companionship to humans since time immemorial. Pets are by our sides and provide endless love and affection to form a bond that is special and unexplainable. Not only do animals provide physical benefits but also emotional and social benefits to enrich our lives, and give structure and balance to it. An  Read More…

Girl With The Siberian Husky in the park

Want To Bring Your ESA? Here Are The Rules You Should Know.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animal companions that are believed to bring their owner or handler relief from a mental disability and also help alleviate its symptoms. These animals play a major role in the lives of people who are dependent on their pets for emotional support and healthy functioning. This means keeping their pets in  Read More…

esa puppy

If You Get A Dog For These Reasons, You’re Doing It Right.

Over the years, we have given these domesticated members of the canine family the title of “man’s best friend.” But what makes owning a dog so valuable? Sure, a dog will always be happy to see you. But there are more practical reasons why you should consider owning a dog. Here is a list of  Read More…

dog looking out plane window

Follow This Advice When Flying With Your ESA

Have you ever wanted to explore the world and discover some new sights or simply wish to visit some relatives on the other side of the country, but do not know how to proceed to fly with your emotional support animal? Just know that you are clear to take off without any hassles if you  Read More…