Helpful Insights On Emotional Support Animals

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fluffy canine

These Canine Breeds Live The Longest

One of the most important factors that contribute to a healthy and happy canine is the quality of care you provide, but there other various factors that play a key role, especially the dog’s breed. Most dogs seem to share a common lifespan of roughly 10 to 13 years at best. However, other breeds are  Read More…

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Quick Tips To Make Your Dog Feel More Comfortable

If you own a hyperactive dog, you already know how even the simplest of tasks can become frustrating to deal with. Forget taking him to the park for a walk because he will just end up jumping on everyone. However, how about obedience class? Nope, he is excessively hyper and will only scare other dogs.  Read More…

Sick Dog

A Lethargic Dog Is An Unhappy Dog

Weakness and lethargy are vague but common symptoms of illness in dogs. And a number of factors, some quite serious, can make your dog lethargic or weak. The average dog sleeps for more than 10 hours a day, which means you may find him dozing off multiple times over the course of a day. Sometimes,  Read More…

sick dog not eating

Common Signs That Your Dog May Be Sick

A dog’s health also deteriorates with age and other external factors, such as the weather, food, and the environment. Unfortunately, like humans, dogs can’t really express their pain or discomfort except through physical symptoms and behavioral changes. There is a wide variety of dog illnesses, some unusual and some common. Even though a majority of  Read More…

Stressed Man

Tips To Alleviate Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is one of the many forms of anxiety that a person can experience. Social anxiety is the feeling of worry or fear that center around our interactions with others. When in these interactions, feelings of being judged negatively or looked down upon by our peers tend to creep in. Most times, these feelings  Read More…