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How Can Having A Therapy Pet Can Improve Your Health

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a companion pet that offers benefits to an individual with a disability. To qualify for an ESA, pet owners need an official letter from a licensed mental health professional and have a verifiable disability. Individuals must meet the federal definition of disability. ESA are typically dogs, but can sometimes be  Read More…

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Make Sure To Get Your ESA The Proper Pet Accessories

Emotional support Animals (ESAs) provide support and comfort in terms of companionship and affection to people experiencing various mental disorders. Domesticated animals, like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, hamsters, and birds, are typically chosen as emotional support companions. However, others can also go for pets, like snakes, horses and chicken, if they derive comfort from  Read More…

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Keep These Things In Mind When Flying Commercial With Your ESA

ESA owners can air-travel with their beloved pets without an additional fee or costs as long as they have an ESA letter. The Air Carrier Access Act was established in 1986 to prevent commercial airlines from discriminating against people with disabilities.  People suffering from psychological and mental disabilities can now board a plane with their furry  Read More…

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Depressed? Here Are 5 Ways Your Pet Can Help!

Could petting your furry friend or watching your cat play outside the yard possibly help relieve depression? Well, experts say it might. Pets offer unconditional love and are easier to communicate with. This proves to be especially useful for people who suffer from depression and anxiety.  Studies have proven that animals can improve mood, reduce tension  Read More…

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Learn Which Cat Breed Is Best For Your Needs

After deciding to go with an emotional support cat to support your current lifestyle, the next most important question that comes to mind is “How do I choose the right cat breed?”  The most critical thing to keep in mind when choosing a cat is that no matter how fluffy and cute they are, you  Read More…