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Group of Therapy pets

5 Types Of Animals Used For Therapy

Believe it or not but a large number of animals are now being used for therapy other than your favorite canine friend. Pets are loving creatures that are known to help patients get through traumatic experiences and illnesses. Whether they have been trained or not, caring and owning a pet offers several therapeutics and proven  Read More…

Pet Sitting in the Couch

Key Differences Between Pets vs Emotional Support Animals

Having a pet around may cheer you up and have a positive impact on your life, but Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) do more than that. ESAs act as friendly companions that alleviate symptoms stemming from behavior, physical or psychological disorders.  While all animals and pets may provide companionship and relief to their owners, ESAs are  Read More…

Emotional Support Dog with a Girl

Choosing The Right Breed of Dog Is Important

Have you ever come across a loved one who has a story to share about getting prescribed an ESA? It seems that many people we know are keeping an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) to improve their emotional and mental state. Emotional support animals show up almost everywhere we go, including buildings following a no-pet policy. These animals (most  Read More…

Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

Dogs can satisfy our needs for love, affection and companionship as they are considered the best possible substitutes of a human best friend. Dogs share a unique bond with humans and are ideal for keeping their owners happy and emotionally stable during tough times. Dogs can actually do more than just help relieve the loneliness  Read More…

Curious Cat on the shelf

Cat Breeds That Make The Best At Home Pets

Emotional support cats provide emotional support, affection and companionship to their owners who are experiencing mental conditions, like anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings, phobias, or suicidal tendencies. Usually, people look for the following qualities in an emotional support cat: Likes to cuddle a lot Follows the handler from room to room Sits closely around the  Read More…