The Bullymake Box Sounds Awesome....Should You Get It?

Bullymake Subscription Box Review

​As is the case with humans, dogs can also have this spiritual duality where they are very playful, cheerful and cuddly when they are with you, but when they get a hold of their favorite chew toy, they will just gnaw on that like a hound from hell. If you have a small dog, this might not be a problem as their jaw will not be strong enough to bite through most materials, at least not quickly. But, if you have a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler this might be a problem, because those jaws were made to break bones and cut leather, meaning that most chew toys that are made for smaller breeds would just get annihilated in a matter of days, if not sooner.

Bullymake is a subscription box that is specifically designed for power chewers and has very durable toys inside that are meant to last even the strongest of rippers and shredders. All of the toys will be made from hardened nylon or very dense rubber, which is clean for the dog’s teeth but will not break unless incredible amounts of force are placed on it.

Finally, in the case that your dog is already resembling an alligator with its bite and destroys the toy in less than 14 days, you will get an even more durable toy for free. This means that while the price of Bullymake service is slightly above the market average for premium pet subscription boxes, it comes with a guarantee that your little bitey will always have a chew toy to play with.

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What is a Subscription Box?

Bullymake Subscription Box

A subscription box is by no means a new idea, as it is an evolution from TV dinner and meal delivery. For a couple of decades, companies have been offering grocery deliveries each month that include good quality products at a reasonable price. This is a major help for people who lack the time to browse every so often and look for good deals and outsources the job of finding deals to the subscription box company.

Everything changed when services started offering beauty products, grooming accessories, and even fandom paraphernalia to customers. With a monthly subscription box, you feel more like you are receiving a present every time, as you don’t really know what is inside and you can have the thrill of unboxing the goodies and finding out what is inside.

With pet subscription boxes your dog has a major advantage over you, as they will probably be able to smell the treats that are inside, even with the hard vacuuming and plastic. This, by all means, doesn't insinuate that they will not be thrilled to receive the box, probably even more than you will, but they will know that treats are inside from the moment the delivery person approaches your door.

How is Bullymake Box Different?

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Unlike other pet subscription boxes that offer a higher number of toys that are made from less dense and less durable materials, Bullymake box focuses on sending only one or two toys that are made from very strong materials and will not break even under extreme duress.

Also, there is a guarantee that if your dog is able to break the toy in less than 14 days, it will receive a brand new toy. Apparently, this new toy will be even stronger than the last one and would be impossible to break short of using a bone cutter.

As for the treats, they are made from high-protein ingredients that are meant to give your dog extra strength to break the toy in front of it.

What Is Inside a Bullymake Box?

Picture of Bullymake Box
Small White Dog with Bullymake Box
Big White Dog with Bullymake Box
Small Black Dog with Bullymake Box

Inside the Bullymake Box you will find around four or five high-quality, high-protein, treats that are FDA tested and made exclusively in the USA. All of the treats are 100% natural and don't have any additives or antibiotics that can harm your dog's health in any way. The edibles will be packed in a vacuumed plastic bags and will not spoil unless opened and exposed to water or high moisture. 

Strange enough, most dogs will be able to sniff out the treats and will know that you have them, so unless your dog is preoccupied with another marrow bone to chew on, you might not be able to save these from them.

Finally, there is a high-quality, extra durable toy that is meant to survive until the next package arrives in a month’s time. From the look of the toys alone you can see that they are very robust and sturdy and that even the biggest of dogs will have issues in breaking them quickly.

How to Order?




Ordering from Bullymake is very easy, as all you need to do is to go to their website and select the offer you want. After that, fill out your billing and delivery information and just wait for the package to be sent to where you are. There aren’t many options regarding the size, breed, or age of your dog, but there are options to choose from regarding the length of your subscription.

Similar to other services, the longer you are dedicated to the service the less you will have to pay for each box. If you opt for only the one month package, you will have to pay $39, which is considerably more than the average price. But, if you decide to commit to the service for a full year, the price will fall to $31, which is much closer to the market average for premium pet subscription boxes that is around $27.

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Bullymake offers free shipping to all states on the US mainland, but you will need to inquire further if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Guam.

As for international shipping, there is not yet an option to order the Bullymake Box, as the contents are made in North America and are perishable, meaning that the company doesn’t want to risk the product spoiling before it reaches the destination.

The Bottom Line

Provide for your dog an option to role-play as a vicious attack hound and to work their jaw and teeth by giving them a new extra durable chew toy each month, alongside some high-quality protein treats.

For owners who have witnessed their adorable little puppies just rip apart other toys in pieces, this is a perfect option. Even if the dog is able to destroy the toy, the service will send a new one, this time even stronger, that will last well after the toy for next month arrives.