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hiking with dogs

The Pros & Cons of Parks vs. Day Care For Your Dog

Spending time with your dog is fun and therapeutic. Your dog enjoys being outside, playing in the fresh air. You can’t continue this practice always due to a number of other tasks and duties you have to get done. And staying indoors could impact your pet’s health, which can lead to a number of different  Read More…

Dog strolling on the bridge

5 Dog Breeds That Make Great Emotional Support Pets

Quick Guide: Best Emotional Support Dogs You’ve just been diagnosed with anxiety and your therapist has recommended that you get an emotional support animal (ESA) as part of your treatment. ESAs are quite popular, particularly among persons living with mental disabilities. Getting the best emotional support dog presents a great opportunity for you to learn  Read More…

dog being trained with a treat

Housebreaking an Older Dog Is Tough! Follow This Advice To Make The Process Easier

It is super easy to train a puppy as compared to an adult dog, but it isn’t impossible. However, you do need a lot of time and patience to house-break an older dog. This process also depends on how old your dog is, how well you follow the routine, and if your ESA is a  Read More…

cute puppy on black window car

Travel Planning Tips To Ensure Your Pet Doesn’t Drive You Insane

Pets are amazing, they add so much to the experience of life. They make excellent companions and emotional support animals get you through your tough times. But are they good travel companions? The answer is strictly relative, if you are well prepared, then yes otherwise your trip can easily turn into a nightmare. Between preparation,  Read More…

labrador looking for something

Marker Training Basics For Dogs

Marker training is one of the most revered methods of training for dogs and other domestic animals. It focuses on positive reinforcement and entails clear communication between you and your dog using sound. This method was adopted from the marine mammal training guide and is the perfect method for training your dog. The clicker method  Read More…